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I have grown up and lived near water my entire life
and I have witnessed the ocean's power in all forms.
It can bring the simplest beauty in the gift of
a shell or the harshest danger from the pull of a rip tide.
The waves, currents, and tides of the sea are much
the same as the ups, downs and precariousness of life itself.
Just as the ocean can be a mix of tranquility and
disturbance so can life be a mix of calm and duress.
The lessons of the sea, both good and bad,
have followed me through my personal and professional life.
And I have learned that I can often reflect on these and lead a more meaningful life of inner peace.
It is about accepting life's balance of nature as
reflected in the waters of the ocean.
Facing challenges will always be a part of life,
but I have learned from the sea how to face them with calm.
As seaman and divers have discovered,many essential skills at
sea run parallel to lessons for living a meaningful, peaceful life
Sometimes body surfing can turn into an
all-out knockdown fest from the ocean.
Wave after wave seems to come quicker before you can catch
a good one. And dodging, diving and coming up for air
before the next one strikes can send you swimming for shore
Challenges in life seem to come in waves and we can find our
dexterity for handling tough situations waning.
Face those waves head on just like a boat,
or else you'll capsize. If you procrastinate. whine,
and complain about the hard situations in life,
the waves of difficulties will roll you upside down.
Be proactive when facing down a challenge.Be determined to
solve your problems, or life will be determined to knock
you down like a rogue wave.